Star Celeb Tattoos

Tattoos in Hollywood

These days, it seems more and more celebrities are willing to show off their tattoos on the red carpet. No longer are these pieces of body artwork associated solely with anti-social, rebellious behavior. Rather, they are images of self-expression that can exude confidence, beauty, and spirituality. Thus, even the most glamorous celebrities are opting for a permanent accessory to add to their wardrobes; a tattoo that expresses their opinions and emotions.

One of the biggest changes brought about by Hollywood tattoos is that this trend is now seen as sexy. Even celebrity supermodels, like Kate Moss and Giselle, can be seen sporting some body artwork. In fact, many of those celebrities voted “most sexy” by popular publications have tattoos. For example, leading lady Angelina Jolie has several noticeable images, and star Johnny Depp is widely known for his sexy style as well as his tattoos.

Most celebrities with tattoos are not sporting full sleeves of artwork or large canvases on their backs. Rather, their body art of choice seems to consistently fall to the moderate / conservative end of the spectrum. The most popular spots for celebrity tattoos include the lower back, upper arm, shoulder blade, and ankle. Stars also put tattoos in sexier locations that are harder to notice at most Hollywood events.

The media has even started focusing specifically on celebrity tattoos. There are listings and rankings devoted to recognizing those stars whose body art is truly exemplary. This moment in the spotlight also extends to tattoo artists, who are increasingly recognized for their talents in an ever-growing industry. Hollywood has even created television shows based on the world of tattooing and invited stars like Kat Von D to red carpet events.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Hollywood has become to accepting of tattoos is the ability to use them or hide them as necessary for productions. So, when a celebrity needs to play a hardcore hero or dangerous criminal, tattoos may suit him or her quite well. However, if a leading lady needs to play a glamorous princess quality makeup artists can easily mask her tattoos. Thus, stars can choose how much or how little attention they want drawn to their body art.

For the most part, celebrities get tattoos for the same reasons as everyone else. They get them to make a statement, to express themselves, and to give them a permanent personal message. For example, Lindsay Lohan sports a tattoo with the words “La Bella Vita” or the beautiful life. This is surely a sign of the young star’s outlook. Similarly, star Victoria Beckham has a profession of love scripted in Hebrew along her neck.

The last decade has certainly introduced a new era of Hollywood tattooing, and this trend is likely to continue growing in the future. As more and more stars turn their bodies into artistic canvases, the general public is likely to follow suit. However, this is one trend that seems to retain its uniqueness and individuality despite a growing number of followers. Each person, celebrity or not, can choose any image or design they want to express themselves through a personalized tattoo.